Your First Visit

We know it can feel intimidating to visit a church for the first takes quite a bit of courage when you think about it. We hope we can ease some of that by answering a few questions up front to help you get to know us.

Getting Here
We are located on Highway 34 about 5 miles south of the entrance to Grand Lake (there's a map on our Contact page). As you face our building from Highway 34, our Main Entrance and Parking is in the back of the building (the east side for those of you who are gifted with a sense of direction).  There are 2 entrances to the church from Highway 34. You can get to the back from either entrance.

Our Sanctuary
We meet each Sunday morning in our beautiful sanctuary. Don't let the pews fool you...they are cushioned and very comfortable. The sanctuary is straight ahead just beyond the lobby of the main entrance. Bathrooms are on your left. We invite you to find a spot that feels comfortable and settle in.

Our Worship Service
We are a family-friendly church and children of all ages are welcome in our service. We don't currently have a children's ministry on Sunday mornings. 

We begin our service with about 20-25 minutes of worship music. Our worship may be best characterized as "coffeehouse" style. We play acoustic instruments and encourage you to stand or sit as you feel led. We try to balance some contemporary worship with some some more traditional worship as well as hymns.

Immediately following worship, we take a few minutes to greet and welcome each other. It's an important part of our service because we want everyone in our community, as well as visitors, to feel connected and appreciated. 

We usually have a 25-30 minute message. Our desire is always for our message to encourage and inspire you in your relationship with the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. We rely exclusively on the Bible as our source of inspiration and do our best to explore its depth and riches together as a community. 

We celebrate communion on the first Sunday of every month during our worship time. We practice open communion. Everyone who is a believer and follower of Jesus is invited to join in communion regardless of any denomination you may be connected with. 

We usually end with a song of worship, receive the benediction, and head back out to enjoy this amazing place we all get to be in. While we are not locked into a specific time frame, our services are generally between 60-75 minutes. 

We hope this gives you enough information to feel more comfortable joining us. If you have any additional questions, please use our Contact page or email Thanks a bunch and Heaps of Blessings!